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Pokemon Go Cheat Sheets

If you want to claim as many Pokecoins and Stardust as possible for your daily defender bonus then you are going to have to capture and hold a number of gyms until you are ready to claim your reward. More coins and stardust equals more incubators and lucky eggs from the Pokestore, along with powered up Pokemon in your collection. Considering you can only claim the bonus once every 21 hours it makes sense to hold as many gyms as possible.

Have you ever wondered what the best Pokemon would be to attack a gym? Or which Pokemon would stand the best chance at successfully defending your team’s gym from rivals?



Wonder no more.

Redditor Ornery_Ra  has created these amazing cheats by using the information found on fellow Reddit user Professor_Kukui’s Pokemon Go spreadsheets.

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Gym Duel Rankings | duel-rankings 
Defense | defense-rankings 
DPS |dps-rankings
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These cheat sheets have been broken down into 3 categories; Duel Rankings (Offense), Defense, and DPS and includes the move set you want to get for each Pokemon. The infographics allow you to see from just a quick glance which Pokemon are potentially the best choices for you to take into battle.

You can view them in full or download the sheets here and view the original spreadsheet.

Gym Duel | Defense | DPS

Professor_Kukui’s Spreadsheet

For example, if a gym has relatively even matched Pokemon then a Snorlax is listed as your best bet. Want to do as much DPS as possible and not too worried about the tankiness of your Pokemon? Then why not try one of the fan favourites in Charizard? A good pick ranked at number 4! Defending a gym? Then Lapras, Poliwrath, and Dragonite are listed as the top 3 choices.

Not all monsters are equal. Much like in every game you will notice some characters are just much better than others and Pokemon go is no different. Dragonite appears in the top 3 of all the lists, making it a very good all round Pokemon, whilst Snorlax and Lapras both make the top 4 for duel rankings and defense.

Remember these suggestions are based on the base stats of Pokemon and their moves sets, values which were found when the game was datamined. The top recommendation listed in these cheat sheets might not be the best Pokemon to use in your circumstance. Each fight will be different, and it is still important to take into consideration the type and weaknesses of the Pokemon you are battling.


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