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The Best Way To Use Incense

We have already covered the best way to use your incense in our strategy guide, however, many people we talk to are not using it in the most efficient way so we decided it needs its own page in tips and tricks.


Incense lures Pokemon to you, and many people will use it in places where there are no Pokemon appearing to catch, or in places where they cannot move much such as when they are at work.

However Omnialord on Reddit found a piece of the game code reveals that incense is best used when you are moving.

incense distance
You can see that waiting for Pokemon to come to you will only result in a spawn every 300 seconds or every 5 minutes.

However if you moving this timer drops to only 60 seconds!

The distance you are required to travel to get the shorter spawn time is a minimum of 200m and there is a 1-minute cooldown between each 200m encounter.

Increase your chance of spawning rare Pokemon

There are rumours floating around that using your incense in an area where there are no nearby Pokemon whatsoever increases your chances of rare Pokemon appearing. Although we cannot confirm this 100% we have personally had success with this method and have had 2x Vapoureon and a Dragonair spawn when we used our incense in a field where no Pokemon had been on our sighting list for a good 5 minutes.

Take home message

Next time you pop an incense, be sure to travel as far as you can between each catch!

Remember the game will not recognize distance travelled if you are going above 15 MPH so be sure to walk quickly, or better yet jump on your bike!

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