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Hatch Your Eggs Faster

Hatching Eggs Faster

Jump on your bike and start pedalling! You will travel more distance at a greater speed, hatching those eggs even faster.

Before you think about using your car, be aware that it appears the GPS won’t track distance covered if you go above more than 15 MPH

If you constantly travel in slow moving traffic you could start the game before you travel and it will track some distance when you move slowly. But please put your phone somewhere out of sight and reach. We do not encourage playing whilst you are driving.



If you have the money you could also buy more incubators, the more incubators you have the more eggs you can hatch at once !

How to hatch eggs?

We have received a few questions on how you hatch an Egg in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go eggs

It’s not massively clear if you are new to the game so here is a quick guide for those who are unsure. 

  • Tap the Pokeball on your main screen
  • Enter the Pokemon menu on the left
  • Swipe to the right where it will display your eggs
  • Tap an egg to be given the option of placing it in an incubator
  • Walk the required distance for the egg to hatch
  • You can check the distance travelled so far by coming back to this page

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