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Guarantee your Pokemon evolve to over 1000 CP

The game has now been out a few weeks, and you will usually find that trying to take over or defend a gym is getting increasingly harder unless you have some high level Pokemon of your own in your arsenal. The most consistent way of getting these high CP Pokemon is through evolutions.

But how many times have you evolved a Pokemon only to be given a low CP monster? Are you frustrated spending lots of hard earned Pokemon candy, only to be given a low level CP evolution? Ever wanted to guarantee that your evolved Pokemon would turn out to be over 1000 CP? Look no further.

Reddit user Kyurun has used the data on http://pogotoolkit.com/ to make a list of the CP each Pokemon needs to guarantee a final evolution of 1000+ CP.1000 CP guaranteed

So a Pikachu of 430 or more should evolve into a Raichu of 1000 CP +.

If you are interested in what you need for 2000 CP or above you just double the numbers listed.

Note that these numbers will not be exact every time due to a Pokemon’s individual values. The figures used in this chart were from average IV Pokemon, so if yours are a little weaker than average you can expect the numbers to be a little less. But this gives you a relatively good idea from what you can expect. If you want to be sure you can work out your Pokemon’s IV’s as we previously discussed here.

You can also go ahead and use the evolution calculator to get a rough estimate of the CP you can expect your evolved Pokemon to become. Just select the name of your Pokemon and enter the current CP, then hit evolve to see the estimated result.

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