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Whats new in the latest Pokemon GO update

Niantic has rolled out the latest Pokemon GO update over the weekend to mixed reactions. Including the accidental introduction of a bug. 

pokemon update

So what has changed?


Re-Customise Trainer Appearance

You can now re-customize our trainer avatars from the profile screen, a nice feature for those of us that may regret our original choices.

avatar-re-customise trainer-re-customise

Just click on your profile in the bottom left and you will notice a new customize option. Unfortunately, there is still no way of changing our team yet.

Damage Value adjustment

The damage values of some Pokemon moves have also changed, with current fan favorites such as Vaporeon and Snorlax taking a hard hit to their damage output

Footprints are gone

The footprint indicator in the nearby list was designed to help you track down Pokemon, the closer you got the fewer footprints were displayed which narrowed down your search. However, within days of launch, a bug developed where the footprints for all nearby Pokemon got stuck on 3 which made it a rather useless feature.

Niantic’s solution has been to remove the footprints in the tracker altogether. There has been no word on whether this is just a temporary removal or if they are gone forever. Hopefully, the will release a fix for the bug and restore the footprints soon as tracking Pokemon down is the whole point of the game!


Adding a Pokemon to your favorite list prevents them from being transferred

Have you ever been transferring a ton of Pidgeys and due to the repetitive nature of the task accidently deleted that Pikachu you have been waiting to find since launch?


Worry no more. This feature now acts as a lock preventing accidental transfers. Just tap the favorite icon to prevent any more accidental transfers of your treasured Pokemon. If you do try and transfer a favorited Pikachu in the future you will get an error message telling you that you cannot transfer this Pokemon!  

Note this only seems to work for Pokemon that have been added to favorites after the update. Any old favorites are still at risk of being transferred until you unfavourite and then favorite again.


Transfer button has been moved

Talking of transferring Pokemon, the button to do this has been moved.  You will now no longer have to scroll down quite as far to reach it. The new button at the bottom right when viewing a Pokemon can be tapped to access the transfer feature, along with an additional way to favorite a Pokemon.



You will notice after starting up the game a number of warning messages appear and you have to tap “ok” before you can play the game. These have been added due to a number of accidents and incidents involving Pokemon Go players causing pile-ups whilst playing the game, and venturing into areas they should not be in!

Messages we have seen so far include:

  • Don’t drive whilst playing Pokemon GO
  • Don’t trespass whilst playing Pokemon Go
  • Don’t enter dangerous areas whilst playing Pokemon Go
  • Remember to stay alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings. 


Battery Saver Removed

Not mentioned in the update notes at all, users have discovered that the battery saver feature has been removed altogether. The option in settings dimmed the screen brightness down when the phone was turned upside down saving precious battery life.

Players had previously reported issues with the game no longer responding when tilting the phone back up the right way, so we can only assume Niantic was unable to fix the issue, and much like the footprints the quickest solution has just been to remove it entirely.

Various other fixes

A number of other changes have been patched in including

  • Changing the look of some medals
  • Font changes such as bolder font in your Pokemon collection
  • Adding a shortcut to the shop whilst selecting incubators in a less than subtle attempt to encourage you to buy more
  • Refined gym animations
  • Improved memory issues
  • Fixed bugs in wild Pokemon encounters
  • Fixed issues with certain map features

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