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Trading, custom Pokestops and more Pokemon confirmed for future updates


Niantic CEO John Hanke confirmed at the recent Comic-Con event in San Diego that the ability to trade Pokemon is at the top of Niantic’s priority list and is confirmed to be arriving in a future update. Trading and Pokemon have gone hand in hand since the feature was available way back for the original Gameboy games. This was a feature most players were expecting to be put into the game and players will now be eagerly awaiting its release.

Gamboy Pokemon Trade

Unfortunately, we do have a release date we can look forward to, nor do we know much about how the trading will work.

Will we be able to trade just with friends in close proximity to ourselves, or will there be an option of trading across the world? Worldwide trading would be a welcome addition to the game allowing people to trade region specific Pokemon moving them ever closer to completing their Pokedex. Players in New Zealand, for example, could trade their region-specific Farfetch’d for a Mr. Mime to a player in Europe, or for a Tauros from the United States! Only time will tell how this will work but we will be sure to keep you up to date.

Customise Pokestops


You will also be able to add different types of lures to Pokestops in future updates. This would potentially include the ability to turn Pokestops into Pokecenters giving players the ability to heal Pokemon. Or adding a certain type of lure such as an electric lure to a Pokestop, giving you an increased chance of finding that specific electric type Pokemon you are searching for such as a Pikachu!

Rare Pokemon

zapdosThose that attended Comic-Con were hoping to receive a rare Pokemon for attending the event. John Hanke said, “If I could summon a rare Pokemon for you, I would”. Although nobody in attendance captured a rare Pokemon, there was confirmation that rare Pokemon are on their way along with additional information that the legendary Pokemon associated with your team (Zapdos Articuno and Moltres) will be significant in some way.

Other fixes and features to look forward to

There were also a few other tidbits we can look forward to in future updates that include

  • Stabilizing the servers
  • Rolling out the game to all countries
  • Fixing known issues including the bug where all tracked Pokemon appearing 3 steps away
  • Adding additional Pokemon to the game

John Hanke also took note of other features that the fans had expressed interest in during the presentation such as the ability to breed Pokemon. This would be a great and very interesting addition to the game.


One thing that is for sure is we have plenty to look forward to, Niantic has said that only 10% of their ideas for Pokemon Go are currently in the game so we will be playing for a long time yet!


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