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Russian Woman Files Complaint Against A Pokemon

Since Pokemon Go was released over a month ago we have become used to seeing the little monsters popping up in everyday life, with Pokemon appearing to be in the real world when viewed from our mobile devices thanks to augmented reality. There have been a number of news reports involving Pokemon Go ranging from a trainer crashing into a police car, teens stuck in caves 100ft below ground and a man capturing a Squirtle on the front line in Iraq.  Things have now been taken to the next level with this latest report from the Russian newspaper Bloknot.

The paper reports that a Russian woman from Moscow has filed a formal complaint against a Pokemon who she claims raped her whilst she slept!


In a bizarre incident, the woman whose name has been withheld by the police had reportedly been playing Pokemon Go before she went to sleep in her apartment.

She claims she woke up to find a giant Pokemon laying on top of her and says she felt an assault.

The woman says the Pokemon fled when she jumped out of bed, however, she could still see the Pokemon in digital form on her bed when using the Pokemon Go app on her phone.

Neither the police or her husband believed her. Her husband suggested she seek psychiatric help. The “raped” woman has since booked an appointment to see a psychiatrist.

Adding to this unbelievable story her friend Ivan Makarov said that there were too many Pokemon characters in the woman’s house. Mr. Makarov added that the pet dog can also sense them, barking whenever she plays Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Dog

Ivan’s story itself takes an even further twist when it was revealed that Mr. Makarov tried to marry the Pokemon Ditto. “She is beautiful and plump just like me,” he said, and to top it off Ditto is purple – Ivan’s favourite colour. Unsurprisingly he was refused at the registry office. Regardless of the fact the character is purely digital, the 36-year-old man was already married!



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