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How to capture Mew, Mewtwo and the legendary trio

Fans of the original Pokemon games will remember entering the power plant to capture Zapdos, hunting for Moltres on Victory Road, and visiting Seafoam Island in order to add Articuno to the Pokedex. Mewtwo was found at the end of the Unknown dungeon which was accessible from Cerulean City after completing the main game and although Mew was uncatchable legitimately, the rare Pokemon could, however, be caught via a glitch, traded, or given as a prize in one of Nintendo’s contests.

articuno pokemon blie
Capturing Articuno on Pokemon Blue


In Pokemon Go, there have yet to be any sightings of Mew, Mewtwo, Zapdos or Moltres. Articuno was spotted at a gym in Ohio and although it remains unclear how the trainer acquired the Pokemon, Niantic have since removed it from the trainer’s account, along with a statement to IGN which read.

“We recently noticed that a few Legendary Pokemon got into a few accounts when they shouldn’t have, To preserve the game’s integrity and as a measure of fairness, we have rectified the situation and revoked the legendary Pokemon from the Trainers’ accounts.”

Are the legendary Pokemon in the game?

The good news is that these elusive Pokemon are listed in the game files. Youtuber NesstendoYT dug through the game files, and as you can see in his video below the Pokemon are confirmed to be in the game.

Datamining has also revealed that Mewtwo and the trio of birds are listed as legendary, whilst Mew is Mythic.

These rare Pokemon are unsurprisingly some of the most powerful in the game. Mewtwo has an insanely high base attack value of 284, followed by Dragonite with a 250 attack stat and Moltres taking the third spot with 242.

When combining all of the base stats to work out the top Pokemon in the game, these 5 rares all appear in the top 7!


1 Mewtwo
2 Dragonite
3 Mew
4 Articuno
5 Snorlax
6 Moltres
7 Zapdos


Where do you capture these rare Pokemon?

So we can see how powerful these monsters are, and no doubt every trainer will want to add them to their Pokedex. The question remains, where can I find them?

Whilst it is still a possibility that they could be captured in the wild at a high enough trainer level, the biggest indication of how we may be able to acquire these Pokemon in the future is through one of Pokemon Go’s first trailers.

Starting at 1 min 48, the text “ Go Play together” appears, followed by a trainer looking down at her phone, and then back up at giant screens around New York featuring a countdown which ends in “Defeat Mewtwo” and 10-minute time limit. A large number of trainers then rush to Times Square and work together to defeat Mewtwo within the time limit, with the billboard screens displaying that Mewtwo had been caught followed by mass cheers.


mewtwo mew


If this trailer is anything to go by, then it could be that these legendary Pokemon are not catchable through wild encounters, but may possibly only be caught at public events where every trainer has to work together to lower the Pokemon’s HP within the time limit. If successful every trainer that participants then receives it.  This theory is further backed up from datamining that shows these Pokemon have no capture rate, therefore receiving them as a reward for completing a task could be the way that we acquire Mewtwo and Mew.


legendary trio


Upon hitting level 5 you get the choice to choose a team, these teams are tied to the legendary trio of birds. Instinct with Zapdos, Mystic and Articuno, and Valor with Moltres. Although unconfirmed, it would make sense that participating in some form of team event in a future update may award the trainers who take part with the legendary Pokemon associated with their team.

With trading confirmed to be arriving in a future update, players may have to trade legendary Pokemon with rival teams to complete their collection.

This is all speculation until we get any more information from Niantic. But from the information we have so far, these methods appear to be the most likely ways that we can get our hands on these Pokemon!  

We will, of course, update you the second we find out any more!


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