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First Pokemon Go Player to Catch ’em all!


Reddit user ftb_hodor, otherwise known as Nick Johnson has caught ‘em all! The Team Valor player has caught all 142 Pokemon that are currently available in the United States. Pokemon  Go does contain 151 total Pokemon, however 3 of the monsters he is missing are region locked, and the remaining 6 have yet to be found by any player!  

Missing from the collection are region specific Pokemon Mr Mime, Kangashan, Farfetch’d, along with Ditto, Mew, Mewtwo and the trio of  Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

How did Johnson achieve this feat you may ask? After finishing work around 6, he would then trek the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn, walking an average of 8 miles and losing 8lb of weight in the process. Who said exercise couldn’t be fun? In order to complete his Pokedex, Nick ended up walking 153 kilometres, and had to catch 4629 Pokemon! 

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Whilst he has now caught them Nick has no interest in levelling to 40, but now plans to take it easy and enjoy the game with friends and helping his supportive girlfriend in finishing her collection.

Here is proof of his collection

Full Pokedex

If you are wondering what sort of CP level this Pokemaster owns, then look no further.

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Check out some tips and tricks from this Pokemon Master in Johnson’s reddit post

“What do you recommend for grinding XP?” – One of the most common questions we hear. Nick’s answer for the best way to raise your trainer level is to catch tons of Pidgey, Weedle and Caterpie and then evolve them after using a Lucky Egg thereby receiving 1000 XP per evolution. He believes Gyms are largely a waste of time in big cities. due to defending being near impossible in such populated areas. They are taken over within minutes no matter what level Pokemon are left in there to defend. 

So what you waiting for? Head out there, capture Pidgeys, level up and get filling that Pokedex!

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