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Pokemon Candy

Pokemon candy used in combination with stardust is used to power up and evolve Pokemon, increasing their CP and Hit Points.

Candy is species specific, and the amount required to evolve a Pokemon also varies depending on their species. For example Pokemon such as Weedle and Pidgey only require 12 candy per evolve, Eevee requires 25, Jigglypuff and Ekans require 50, and Magikarp needs a whopping 400!


You cannot purchase Pokemon candy, therefore, you will need to earn it in game through the following methods:


Capture Pokemon

Each Pokemon you capture will give you 3 candy that is specific to that species along with 100 stardust. For example, if you capture a Pidgey you will receive 3 Pidgey candy. Likewise capturing a Pidgeotto will also award you 3 Pidgey candy


Transferring a Pokemon

For each Pokemon you transfer to Professor Willow you will receive 1 candy for that species.

Trade a Rattata and receive 1 Rattata candy.

Transfers can be carried out by:

  • Tapping the Pokeball on your main screen
  • Pressing Pokemon
  • Choose the Pokemon you wish to transfer
  • Scroll down to transfer and then select yes

Note this is a one-way process and you cannot retrieve transferred Pokemon


Hatching a Pokemon

Pokemon that hatch in your incubators will award you with even more candy and stardust than catching them in the wild. You will also receive XP for every egg hatched.