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Pokecoins are the currency of Pokemon Go. They can be used to purchase items from the in-game shop.


You can earn Pokecoins for free or purchase them with real money in the shop


Bundles of 100, 550, 1,200, 2,500, 5,200, and 14,500

Check your store for prices in local currency by tapping the Pokeball on the main screen,  then heading to the shop.


Earn Pokecoins for Free

Pokecoins can be earned for free once the trainer has reached level 5 and chosen a team.

  • After choosing a team, head to a friendly or unclaimed gym and place a Pokemon inside to guard it against rival teams. You can also defeat a rival gym and then place a Pokemon inside of your own.
  • Next, go to the shop page and up the top right of the page, you will see a shield with a number inside it. This number indicates the number of Pokemon defending a gym.


  • Once every 21 hours you can click this shield to receive loot in the form of Pokecoins and Stardust. The number of coins you receive increases per Pokemon you have defending at gyms.
  • The Countdown indicates how long until you can claim your next reward.  No timer = free to claim at any time
  • You do not need to hold the gym for 21 hours to claim your rewards. You can for example quickly place a Pokemon in 3 gyms, and then press the shield to claim 30 coins (and your stardust).
  • If you are unable to place a Pokemon into the gym to defend it then you must train at the gym to increase its prestige to the next level before you will be able to place your Pokemon inside.defender-bonus-rewards