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An essential on your quest to catch ‘em all, Pokeballs are used to capture Pokemon out in the wild. You start the game with 50. It’s unlikely you will need to purchase any extra as they are readily available as rewards at Pokestops. However if you would prefer they can be bought at the shop. 


20 Pokeballs = 100 Pokecoins

100 Pokeballs = 460 Pokecoins

200 Pokeballs – 800 Pokecoins



You can only purchase regular Pokeballs, great, ultra and master are collectible only.



Pokeball – Unlocked from the start – Used capture Pokemon. Just throw at them.


Great Ball – Unlocks at Level 12 – This is an upgraded Pokeball and has an improved capture rate. It is also more likely to be able to capture higher level CP Pokemon


Ultra Ball – Unlocks at Level 20 – Highly advanced Pokeballs, having an even better capture rate than Great Balls. Ideal for capturing those rare high CP monster that would otherwise resist capture from lower Pokeballs.

Master Ball – Confirmed to be in the game