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Lure Module

Lure modules are essentially more powerful versions of incense, however, they can be seen and benefit other trainers in the area. All trainers will be able to capture the same Pokemon that appear.


Lure modules are installed at a Pokestop by

  • Heading over to a Pokestop and tapping on it
  • Tap the white cylinder that will appear under the description and above the spinning image
  • This will bring up your lure modules, just select a lure module to activate it

You will know be able to tell if a Pokestop is under the effect of a lure module as there be a shower of pink petals over the Pokestop. You can also find out the name of the player who placed the lure by clicking on the Pokestop and tapping the purple lure icon.


If you see a Pokestop in a shower of petals head over and join the capture party!


Heading out with a group of friends is the best way of using the lure module, 4 friends with a module each will give you 2 hours of Pokemon running to you! Better yet find a spot with 2 or 3 Pokestops close together and activate them all at the same time, you could even activate an incense and lucky egg for good measure!


Lure modules are given as rewards for reaching levels 8, 10. 15. 25 and 30


1 Lure Module = 100 Pokecoins

8 Lure Module = 680 Pokecoins