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Lucky Egg

Lucky Eggs are one of the best items in the game. They double all XP gained for a period of 30 minutes. Remember the higher level your trainer becomes, the stronger your Pokemon can become and the higher your chances of  becoming Gym Leader!



By using this item correctly you can gain a massive boost your XP. The fastest way to do this is by evolving your Pokemon in an area as close to as many lure modules as possible. This will preferably be in an area you that haven’t visited before  as you will gain a nice 1000 XP for every new Pokemon that you haven’t already captured



  • You should wait until you are at least level 9 (when you first receive a Lucky Egg) to evolve any of your Pokemon. This means saving up all of your Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies which are the cheapest to evolve, costing just 12 candy. Upon hitting level 9 activate your Lucky Egg and evolve as many of these as you can.


  • An evolution normally awards you 500XP, so with a lucky egg activated you will be getting 1000 XP per evolution!


  • Use your remaining time from your 30 minutes to catch more Pokemon. If you are already at a lure module you should be able to catch a high number in 30 minutes. Each capture under the influence of a Lucky Egg is worth 200 XP plus you will gain an extra 1000 XP for every new Pokemon you find.


  • Capturing a new Pokemon with an excellent throw would normally award you 700 XP. This doubles to 1400 XP when using a Lucky Egg!


Evolving a Pokemon – 1000 XP

Evolving a Pokemon you haven’t caught before – 2000 XP

Capturing a Pokemon you haven’t caught before – 1200 XP + throw bonus of up to 200 XP

Capturing a Pokemon – 200 XP + throw bonus of up to 200 XP


You will automatically receive a lucky egg when reaching levels 9, 10, 15, 20 and 25 


1 Egg = 80 Pokecoins

8 Eggs = 500 Pokecoins

25 Eggs = 1250 Pokecoins