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Pokemon Go features a number of items to help you on your journey to catch ‘em all!


You begin your adventure with key items such as Pokemon storage for 250 monsters, a bag with space for 350 items, and the essential such as Pokeballs to get you started and a camera to capture any encounters you may wish to save.


Other items are found out in the world by visiting PokeStops or can be bought in the in-game shop.



Note that some items are only available as rewards from PokeStops after your trainer reaches a certain level. Visit our Level Unlocks page for more information.


Purchasable Items



Lucky Egg

Lure Module

Egg Incubator

Pokemon Storage Upgrade

Bag Upgrade

Collectible Items

Pokemon Eggs

Great and Master Pokeballs

Revive and Max Revive


Razz Berry


Pokemon Candy