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What is Pokemon Go?

You may have noticed a sudden increase in people in their teens, twenties and thirties suddenly taking to the streets, and glued to their phone screens. So what is the sudden craze for exercise? Pokemon Go is your answer!

Pokemon as well all know is a Nintendo franchise launched in the 1990’s where trainers travel the world, searching far and wide to capture monsters known as Pokemon with the objective to “catch ‘em all” and become a Pokemon master. The franchise was, and still is hugely successful, featuring TV series, movies, trading cards and games for a number of consoles.

Now 20 years on from the release of massively popular titles Pokemon Blue and Red and with over 100 million games sold, Niantic has released Pokemon Go into the palms of our hands allowing us to go and catch ‘em all! However unlike previous games, Pokemon Go takes place in the real world, using augmented reality. This means that real-world elements are mixed with the game world, allowing us to catch Pokemon in the real world!

squirtle AR

The Pokemon you catch can be renamed, fed candy and stardust to increase their power level, evolve and be used in battle to take over rival gyms! In a future update, you will also be able to trade Pokemon with other players.

The Basics

Pokémon Go uses the GPS on your phone, and overlays an avatar of a trainer you create at the start of the game onto a map, which shows your location in the real world. Pokemon won’t just come to you, you will have to walk about in the real world to catch em all!

Pokemon will appear within a small radius of your position, track and then catch them using Pokeballs. Your captured monsters and then added to your Pokédex and can then be used to capture gyms! The game cleverly maps Pokestops (a place where you can receive free Pokeballs and items), and gyms to real world points of interest. For example, fountains, sculptures and well-known buildings.

Your location and the time of day are used to decide which Pokemon can be caught. If you are at the park, for example, you can expect to find more grass types of Pokemon such as Caterpie and Pidgey, head to the beach and you may find a Squirtle or a Staryu, and at night you will encounter more nocturnal and ghostly Pokemon such as Clefairy and Ghastly.


The stats speak for themselves!

It’s no wonder Pokémon Go has already turned into a global phenomenon. Not only is is free to play it is also easily accessible, launching on mobile devices that most of us carry 24/7.

Then there is the nostalgia factor. Ever since the original series came out many people have wondered what would happen if Pokemon inhabited the real world and been waiting to catch them! Now we know!

Pokémon Go is also easy to play, you go outside, you follow your map, catch Pokémon and then use them to combat and conquer rival gyms. This simplicity has meant that people who were not a part of the original Pokémon craze are playing it too!

  • Already the biggest US mobile game ever, the game shot to the top of the app store on the day it was released
  • $9 Billion added to Nintendo’s value in just two days after launch
  • Within 3 days of release, Pokemon attracted more users than Tinder and Twitter!
  • 65 million downloads the first week in the US alone
  • $2.3 Million in daily revenue on iOS and Android devices
  • Within the first week, Pokemon Go had 21 million active users in the US alone, passing Candy Crush saga’s peak.
  • At the games rate of growth in the first week, Pokemon Go is on track to pass the daily active user count on Snapchat and also even Google maps itself!
  • Pokemon Go’s in game purchases made up a gigantic 47% of the entire mobile gaming market in a single day (July 10)
  • Nintendos share price has risen 86% in Tokyo