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How to Power Up Your Pokemon

Powering Up Your Pokemon

You can power up your Pokemon to make it stronger by increasing its CP.

Powering up your Pokemon requires a combination of Stardust and Candy. The candy is again specific to the species of Pokemon you wish to power up the CP of. Do you want to power up your Golduck? Then you must use Psyduck candy (it’s pre-evolutionary stage).




Powering up usually requires 1 candy, however as you approach maximum CP it starts to cost 2 candy a time.  

The amount of Stardust required depends on the species of Pokemon and also scales with the value of CP.

If you max the white bar out, you will be unable to power up your Pokemon again until you increase your trainer level since Pokemon CP is also limited by trainer level.


How do I get more Candy and Stardust ?


  • You receive 3 candy per Pokemon you catch
  • Transfer a Pokemon to receive 1 candy for each transfer to Professor Willow.
  • Hatching a Pokemon will often give you 10+ candy for that species!


  • Capturing a Pokemon will give you 100 Stardust
  • Defending a gym and claiming the defender bonus will give you 500 Stardust per Pokemon stationed at a gym once every 21 hours.



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