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How To Evolve Your Pokemon

Evolving Your Pokemon

Evolving your Pokemon is a guaranteed way to drastically increase that Pokemon’s CP points. Before you can evolve a Pokemon you will need to have the required amount of Candy. The amount needed is indicated when viewing the Pokemon you wish to evolve. For example, this Eevee needs 25 Eevee candy.

Note that trainer level does not affect the evolution multiplier.


Evolving requires the use of Pokemon Candy which is specific to the species you wish to evolve. E.g. If you wish to evolve a Charmander you will require Charmander candy.

Extremely common Pokemon such as Weedle, Pidgey and Caterpie only require 12 candy to evolve. Whereas other Pokemon will often need 25 or 50 depending on how rare they are and the evolution stage they are at. 

However, not all evolutions are equal! If you want a Gyarados you will need a staggering 400 Magikarp candy!

In our example, Eevee requires 25 candy. Since we receive 3 candy for each Eevee we capture, we will need to capture 9 Eevee to have the required amount. (9 captures will give 27 candy, but we only need 25 leaving us 2 spare).

Not only does evolving your Pokemon make them stronger, but your trainer will receive 500 XP per evolution. You will gain an additional 500 XP if the Pokemon evolves into one that you haven’t caught before! You should bare this in mind when for when you wish to receive a massive XP boost, and combine evolving with using your Lucky Eggs.

It is also important to note that your Pokemon’s moves will also be randomly reselected during evolution. So don’t choose to evolve a certain Pokemon based on the moves it currently has as they are likely to change anyway.

How do I get Candy?

You will receive 3 candy per Pokemon you catch and 1 candy for each transfer to Professor Willow. The candy you receive from a transfer will always be for the lowest evolutionary phase for that type. For example, If you are short on Rattata candy, and have plenty of Raticates, you can transfer a Raticate to Professor Willow and receive 1 Rattata candy.

You may also be lucky enough to hatch a Pokemon you wish to evolve. Hatching a Pokemon will often give you 10+ candy for that species!

How to evolve your Pokemon

It’s really simple. Just find the Pokemon you want and hit the evolve button. You will be told how many candy this will require before you do it.  Here you can see an example of a Sandshrew evolution.

sandshrew sandslash

Which Pokemon Should You Evolve?

For the casual game you should focus on evolving Pokemon whose CP is highest and CP arc is furthest to the right. If you have two Squirtle for example, one whose arc is half full, and the other 3/4 full then be sure to evolve the 3/4 full arc. This will ensure your Pokemon is more powerful  from the start, and will also cost less candy to max out the CP arc when powering your Pokemon up

If you want to capture the very best Pokemon and happy to use calculators to determine your Pokemons Individual Values (IV’s) then follow our advice and use the calculators we suggest on our Pokemon Individual Values page