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What are PokeStops?

A PokeStop is a place in Pokemon Go where the player can receive free loot. Pokemon trainers should take full advantage of the Pokestops they come across on their travels to ensure they keep stocked up on the items needed to catch Pokemon. Visiting enough Pokestops will save you money as you will not need to fork out real money for Pokeballs and other essential items you need to play the game.

There is also a social element to be found at PokeStops. They act as a hub where you will often find other trainers. 

Finding PokeStops

PokeStops are mainly located in the most interesting locations in the area such as fountains in a park, statues, monuments, public art and general community hot spots.

They are marked on the map as floating blue cubes in the distance, however when you are within range and able to interact with the PokeStop they become circular featuring a pokeball in the middle.

How to use PokeStops

Once the PokeStop is inside your trainer’s perimeter ring you know you are in range to interact. Just tap the PokéStop icon and you will then see the name and a picture of the location the PokeStop represents in a disc.

To collect your rewards just swipe on the disc causing it to spin, which generates bubbles containing your loot. Tapping on these bubbles then claims your gifts and saves them into your bag.

PokeStop Rewards

There are several rewards you can receive from a PokeStop and you will usually receive 3-4 items at a time. However visiting more significant points of interest appears to net you more items 6-8, and sometimes rarer loot.

Loot gained will vary based on your level. You will exclusively receive Pokeballs and Pokemon eggs until you reach level 5. From level 5 onwards you can be given up to six Pokéballs along with other items such as revives, potions and Razz Berries.

  • Pokeball – This will be your most common reward and are always needed to catch new Pokemon. You should always maintain a good number of these in your bag. (Great and ultra Pokeballs can be found at level 10+)
  • Egg – Eggs will hatch into a Pokemon after a set distance walking of 2KM, 5KM, or 10KM once it is placed in an incubator.
  • Revive – This will restore a Pokemon that has fainted in battle at a rival gym to half their maximum health (Found at level 7 and above)
  • Potion – This will recover a certain amount of HP based on the type of potion
  • Razz Berry – This item can be used to make it easier to capture a tough Pokemon

Pokestop loot

Revisiting Pokestops

After you have collected your rewards from a Pokestop the icon’s color will turn from blue to purple. You will not be able to use the Pokestop again until it refreshes and the icon turns back to blue. This only takes about 5 minutes and you do not have to leave the Pokestop whilst waiting for it to refresh.

You will find many locations with a large number of Pokestops in a small area. If you are running low on supplies the most efficient way to restock would be to walk a small loop visiting as many Pokéstops as you can in 5 minutes before returning to the first, rinse and repeat. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Pokemon as you go!

Lure Modules + Pokestops

A player may purchase a lure module from the in-game shop for 100 Pokecoins each. These can be placed at any Pokestop and will increase the amount of Pokemon found in the area for 30 minutes.  

They are essentially more powerful versions of the incense consumable, however, they benefit all trainers in the area (don’t worry everyone can catch the same Pokemon!). You will know if a Pokestop is under the effect of a lure module as there be a shower of pink petals over the Pokestop. Clicking on the Pokestop will tell you the name of the player who used the lure.

The game is a little vague in how you actually place the lure. If you’re having difficulty just follow these simple steps:

  • Head over to a Pokestop and tap on it
  • Under the description and above the spinning image you will see a white cylinder
  • Tap the cylinder which will bring up your lure modules, select a module to activate it



lure pokestop

Pokestop with a lure module on left covered in petals, and normal Pokestop on right.