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Pokemon IV’s (Individual Values)

What are IV’s?

Pokemon Go monsters are not all the same. Each individual Pokemon has a set of secret values known at individual values or IV’s. These are hidden stats which vary your Pokemon’s Attack, Defense and Stamina. You cannot change the value of these numbers, they will remain consistent even throughout evolution.

These values are responsible for setting the health, power and defense of an individual Pokemon, and give variation to the CP gained per level. They are also the reason why you may have two of the same Pokemon that have different stats.

So beyond the species-specific stats, each individual Pokemon you capture has its own set of hidden values. These are called individual values, or IV’s and can increase an individual Pokemon’s stats between 0-15.

 Why are IV’s Important?

IV’s are what makes each of your Pokemon unique, and the reason why one of your Squirtles may better than the other, even if they are both powered up to the max.

This means if you are keen to get the very best Pokemon you will need to pay attention to these hidden values.

It is important to note that the IV’s make a small difference in the overall final power of a Pokemon so unless you are desperate to get the very best Pokemon you can find these values are nothing you should worry about. For example, the base attributes of a Blastoise are

  • 186 Attack. 222 Defense, and 158 Stamina.

This is the worst Blastoise available where all IV’s are zero. A Blastoise where all IV’s are maxed at 15 produces values of

  • 201 Attack, 237 Defense and 173 Stamina. 

As you can see the differences are minimal, producing only a 7-9% difference across all values.

How You Can Check Your IV’s

You can try to find out your Pokemon’s IV’s by using a calculator which takes into consideration your Pokemon’s CP, HP, and amount of Stardust required to level them up. The only issue is that Attack and Defense stats are hidden, so you will get a range of potential values, which can then be further narrowed down by powering the Pokemon up. The first set of results will still give you a good idea of the power of your Pokemon.

There are a number of different calculators available, but we prefer the calculators available at PokeAssistant and GameinfoJust put in the values of your Pokemon and it will calculate the result. 


You can see in our example of two Squirtles, that the 436 CP actually has better IV’s than the 347 CP so this would be a better choice to evolve for better stats.

squirtle anime

436 CP Squirtle

436 squirtle poke

437 CP Squirtle

437 squirtle poke

Where to get Higher IV Pokemon

Although not 100%, you stand a higher chance of getting higher IV through hatching eggs and capturing lured Pokemon.


In Summary 

  • IV numbers are whole numbers between 0-15.
  • Height and Weight are purely cosmetic and do NOT influence IV’s.
  • Lured/Hatched have a higher chance for better IV scores.
  • Pokemon retain their IV’ when evolved.
  • IV’s are the cause of variation in CP gained per level. You can look at these charts for more information on CP gained each level here