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How Much Data Does Pokemon Use?

We know how addictive this game can be, and how quickly Pokemon Go drains your battery, but have you thought about data usage?

Pokemon Go doesn’t eat a lot of data itself, but depending on how much time you spend playing it may be wise to monitor your data usage using a free data tracking app from the App store or Google Play. 

So how much data does the game use?

Surprisingly little is the answer.

American Network Verizon has said that Pokemon Go will consume at the very most 10mb of data per hour. A test from UK business insider found that in an 8 hour period using only cellular data that only 25mb of data was used, which works out to be less than 3mb an hour. Admittedly they did tend to stay around the same place, so if we factor in downloading map data on the move we end up with a value between 3-10mb per hour.

How long can you play for?

To put that into context (and using the high-end value of 10mb an hour) you would need to play for 100 hours a month to get through 1GB of data. That gives you over 3 hours a day if you played every day straight in a month before hitting 1GB.

As you can see not much to worry about, even if you have a relatively small data plan.

If you are still concerned and wish to track how much data you are using there are plenty of free apps that can warn you when you approaching your data limit, track data usage in real time and even forecast data used by the end of the month. Some apps such as DataMan Next even allow you to check your data usage without leaving Pokemon Go as the data usage can be seen in the notification center!

Reached your data limit?

If you have somehow reached your limit all is not lost. Disable your mobile data and head to a local cafe or point of interest. They will likely have free wifi you can connect to and play on. You might even be lucky and find they are using a lure module to attract people in which will bring the Pokemon to you!