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How To Save Battery

Chances are if you have played Pokemon Go then you will know about the game’s biggest issue – the massive drain it places on your phone’s battery!

Companies have reported their external battery sales doubling on Amazon since the launch of Pokemon Go, and some locations of Best Buy have completely sold out!

If you plan on going out on Pokemon marathons then it’s going to be a challenge to keep your phone topped up without buying some extra battery packs. But we have listed the best tips and tricks to help you save battery life on Pokemon Go, keeping the juice in your battery for as long as possible and extending those Pokemon hunts!


Turn on battery saver in Pokemon GO


The battery saver setting in Pokemon Go will dim your screen right down when you turn your device upside down and display a really faint Pokemon Go logo instead. Since one of the biggest drains on any smart phone’s battery is powering the screen, the longer it’s turned right down the better. Fear not as you will still feel the phone vibrate when a Pokestop or wild Pokemon appears within your trainers range alerting you to its presence.

Considering you need to have the app running at all times to track your steps to incubate those eggs, this setting is a really good feature allowing you to keep the app running whilst saving precious power and still racking up those steps to hatch your next Pokemon!

Whilst it’s not clear how much battery this saves, it’s definitely worth turning on this feature.

Turn off music and sound effects

Whilst your in the settings you have the option to turn off these sounds. Music playing constantly will definitely drain your battery so it’s best to turn these off if you want to play for as long as possible!


Turn on your phone’s battery saver

The iphones low power mode and similar options on Android phones reduce the overall battery usage of your device. Turning this setting on will disable background processes on your phone such as automatically checking for new emails or refreshing other apps in the background. These processes are unrelated to your Pokemon search anyway so feel free to save some extra power.

Turn off AR

Although flicking the switch and turning off AR makes the game a little less interesting it will save you a fair chunk of power. Augmented reality causes a big drain on your phone’s battery, and as an added bonus this will also help catching Pokemon a little easier since they will appear smack bang in the middle of your screen!

Turn down screen brightness

As we mentioned earlier, powering the screen is one of your phone’s biggest battery drains. Turning the brightness down will help to conserve extra power.

Use Wifi over your phone’s mobile data if possible

If you are sat by a public place such as a cafe that offers free wifi then feel free to connect. Using wifi over your mobile data will save some juice.

Turn off wifi and Bluetooth if you are not using it

If you are outside and not using a wifi connection or have any other devices connected to your phone via Bluetooth then you should turn these features off. Your phone will use power searching for wifi signals, so if you don’t plan on using it then just turn it off to save even more juice.