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How To Track Pokemon

How do you find Pokemon to catch?

The app is installed, your logged in and can see your trainer and your map. Now how do you find Pokemon to catch?

You will notice down at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen a gray bar which usually contains the silhouette of Pokemon. This is designed to give you an idea of what Pokemon are nearby, however, retains the mystery of the original games by not telling you their exact location. It’s your job to get out there and walk around to find them!


Note this system is currently being changed. At the moment there is no way of tracking the exact location of a Pokemon. The next update should bring forward a change that is currently being tested in San Fransisco 

Tapping the gray bar will bring up a menu of nearby Pokemon and you will notice footprints under each picture. These indicate the distance the Pokemon can be found from where you are standing. 0 footprints? you are right by them, 3 footprints and the Pokemon could be up to 150 meters away (each footprint indicates around 50 meters). Move closer in the right direction and a Pokemon that is 3 footprints away reduces to two, move the wrong way it will disappear off your list until you head back the way you came from.


How to locate the Pokemon furthest away?

The list of nearby Pokemon in the gird is sorted in order of what is closest to you. The top left Pokemon is the closest, whilst the monster in the bottom right of the grid is the furthest away.

Our recommendation to tracking a specific Pokemon’s location down is to:

  • Tap the Pokemon you wish to find which will circle it
  • Leave the list open
  • When you walk in a direction you will notice the list updates
  • If you’re moving in the right direction the Pokemon you have highlighted will move up the grid, closer to the number one spot in the top left corner
  • Walk the wrong way and it will drop down the list toward the bottom right
  • If it does drop down the list you just need to backtrack to where it was at its highest, choose a different direction to walk in and check to see if the highlighted Pokemon moves closer to that top left spot
  • Once the Pokemon only has 1 footprint left it’s just a matter of trial and error in a small area until it pops up on your screen! Your phone will also vibrate when a Pokemon is in range
  • If there are no footprints, just tap the Pokemon icon in the bar and it should pop up on your map
  • Now just tap the Pokemon and you will enter the capture screen

nearby arrows

If you are hunting with fellow trainers you will notice you can all see the same Pokemon. Don’t worry, everyone can capture the same Pokemon, it’s not first come first serve.

The Pokemon, however, may not appear in the very exact location on every trainer’s phone. You may have to walk a few extra meters to find yours, but the general area and footprint distance will be roughly the same for every trainer out there!

You may also choose to tap the Pokemon on the nearby menu, and then close it. This will isolate the one Pokemon you are searching for and allow you to see the map. However it will then be harder to tell if you are moving closer or further away as you will not be able to see the Pokemon move up and down the grid, so we recommend following the strategy above, especially if the Pokemon you are hunting is 3 footprints away.

If you stand in the same location you will notice Pokemon move around on the grid. This is since Pokemon are on the move too! Don’t worry though they do not move fast enough to outrun you when you are tracking them.

Use Incense or Lures

By using incense or  lure modules at a Pokestop the Pokemon will come to you!

Whats Next?

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