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How To Level Your Trainer

Leveling your trainer has 3 main benefits

  • You need to reach level 5 before you can interact with gyms
  • The higher your level, the stronger and rarer the Pokemon will be that you can encounter and the higher you can increase your captured Pokemon’s CP
  • Some useful items only unlock at certain levels. For example, the Razz Berry which makes it easier to catch Pokemon will only be available upon reaching level 8, and the Ultra Ball unlocks at level 20

Pokemon Go Trainer

How to gain experience

XP earnt for capturing a Pokemon

  • Capture a Pokemon – 100 XP
  • “Nice” throw – 10 XP
  • “Great” throw 50 XP
  • “Excellent” throw – 100 XP
  • Curveball capture – 10 XP

A throw bonus is earned by landing the Pokeball in the colored circle. The smaller the circle the greater the bonus


XP earned in activities

  • Hatch 2KM Egg –  200 XP
  • Hatch 5KM Egg – 500 XP
  • Hatch 10KM Egg – 1000 XP
  • Evolve a Pokemon – 500 XP
  • Capture a new Pokemon – 500 XP
  • Visit a Pokestop – 50 XP
  • Training at a gym – Varies
  • Battling at a gym – Varies


How to Boost XP earned with in-game items

By using and combining different items it is possible to massively increase the amount of XP you are earning.

Lucky Egg

By using the Lucky Egg (available after you hit level 9) you double your total XP gained for 30 minutes.

Visiting a new area would be an ideal time to activate the Lucky Egg as you will get 1000 XP + for every new Pokemon you capture.

Evolution + Lucky Egg

We suggest you wait until level 9 to evolve your Pokemon. Evolution awards you 500xp under normal conditions, however using a Lucky Egg would boost this to 1000 XP!

Evolving a Pokemon you haven’t captured before will give you 2000 XP

Common Pokemon require the least XP to evolve. So you could collect a number of Weedle, Caterpie or Pidgey which only require 12 candy per evolve and receive 1000 XP a time.

We have gained over 60,000 XP in half an hour using this method of saving up our Pokemon and evolving them all at once.

Lucky Egg + Lure Module

If you combine the Lucky Egg with Incense or a Lure Module which both lure Pokemon to your position you will be raking XP in! Capturing a new Pokemon with an excellent throw would normally award you 700 XP. This doubles to 1400 XP when using a Lucky Egg!

Make sure you are stocked up on Pokeballs before you activate the Lucky Egg to maximize your 30 minutes.



Time Your Incubated Eggs

To really maximize your XP you could use the Lucky Egg just before your incubated eggs are due to hatch. This will give you 200 XP if it turns out to be a Pokemon you already have, or 700 XP if you do not already own it.


XP Earnt at the Gym

Training at friendly gyms, and battling at rival gyms earns you XP!

As a side benefit, it also increases the prestige of friendly gyms making them harder for rivals to take or reduces the prestige of rival gyms, therefore, helping your team to take them over.