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Capturing Pokemon

You have tracked a Pokemon and entered the capture screen. Whats next?

Unlike other Pokemon games, capturing does not involve battling with one of your Pokemon to lower the health of the target until it’s low enough for capture.

In Pokemon Go, you jump right into capturing them. This means you just need to throw the Poke ball by swiping up and toward the Pokemon on your screen.

Throw it to near or too far and it won’t do anything, you have to hit the Pokemon with the ball before it bounces on the ground.

There are no other strategic elements with your own Pokemon involved. So it’s now time to work on your aim! We have picked up some tips and tricks to share with you to make this easier and to increase your chances of capturing your target.



1 Leave the battle
2 AR Switch on/off
3 Pokemon’s Name and CP
4 Target Ring
5 Wild Pokemon
6 Pokeball
7 Camera
8 Access your items (Upgraded Pokeballs / Razz Berries)

Before you start throwing Poke balls at the Pokemon, be sure to pay attention to the ring surrounding the target. The ring color indicates the difficulty of catching the Pokemon.

Ring Colour

  • Green rings indicate a low capture difficulty
  • Orange indicates medium difficulty
  • Red rings mean an extremely hard catch.


Ring Size

  • You will also have noticed that the rings contract. To maximize your chance of capturing, make sure to throw the ball toward the Pokemon when the ring is at its smallest size. This is more important when attempting to capture the yellow or red ringed monsters. If you miss the ideal moment, just keep holding the ball down and the rings will expand and then contract again giving you additional chances to throw at the best possible time.


Switch Of AR Mode

  • To make capturing even easier we suggest you turn off the AR switch at the top right of the screen during the capture phase. This will replace the real environment with a generic background and place the Pokemon right in the middle of your screen, making it easier to catch. You will no longer have to worry about finding the Pokemon on your screen, just focus on throwing the ball. This method is less fun though and ruins some fun photo opportunities!

ar-off ar-on


Curve Ball Bonus

  • Try spinning the Poke ball before releasing it to capture Pokemon in style and receive bonus XP!


Supercharged Pokeballs

  • If you need a hand capturing the yellow and red ringed Pokemon try using Great and Ultra Pokeballs. These cannot be purchased and only drop from Pokestops once you pass level 12 and 20 respectively


Use a Razz Berry

  • When trying to catch higher difficulty Pokemon you can feed them a Razz Berry. Just go into your bag during the fight, tap Razz Berry and this will increase the chances of capture on your next throw.


Lure Pokemon to you

  • Incense By using Incense a mysterious fragrance will lure Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes
  • Lure Module – Lure Pokemon to the Pokestop benefiting yourself and all other trainers in the area for 30 minutes. You will know if a Pokestop is under the effect of a Lure module due to the pink petals surrounding the Pokestop on the map.


Catch ‘em all

  • Always capture every Pokemon you see, even if you already have it.
  • A successful capture will give you XP to increase your level.
  • You will receive stardust and candy every time you capture a Pokemon which will be used in the future to power up and evolve your Pokemon
  • Duplicate Pokemon can also be traded to Professor Willow for candy


Escaping Pokemon

  • You won’t capture every Pokemon, even if you hit the target  there is a chance it could escape out of the ball. This is more likely when attempting difficult catches.
  • If this happens try a stronger Pokeball or use a Razz Berry
  • Throw another ball. If you miss too many times or the Pokemon breaks free they could end up running off.


??? Pokemon

  • These Pokemon do not recognize you as a trainer and will be hard to capture before they run away
  • We recommend using a Razz Berry and great or ultra Pokeballs to maximize your chances



  • The capture screen comes with a camera icon. Tap it to take a snap of your Pokemon before you capture it


Increase your Bag and Item space

  • You start off on your adventure with plenty of space. Room for 250 Pokemon and 250 items
  • If you run out of space for Pokemon try transferring some duplicates to Professor Willow, gaining yourself some candy in the process
  • If you run out of bag space you can throw excess Pokeballs away, use some potions, revives, or incense.
  • If you wish to keep all your current items there are upgrades available in the in-game shop
  • 200 Coins will increase the number of items or Pokemon you can carry by 50



  • Your Pokedex which can be accessed by pressing the Pokeball and then selecting Pokedex will list which Pokemon you have seen and how many you have caught.
  • Detailed information on the Pokemon you have captured can be accessed including Type, height, weight, and the evolution chain.


Recover Poke Balls

  • Rumour has it that you can recover Poke balls that you miss, just tap them and they will be restored to them to your bag, helping you to avoid wasting tons of balls on one catch
  • We haven’t got this to work so far, however, try it out for yourselves and you may be in luck