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Training at Friendly Gyms

To train at a friendly gym you must be at least level 5.

Training at friendly gyms will increase that gyms prestige level, therefore increasing the amount of defending Pokemon that can be placed inside, and making it harder for rivals to take over. The more Pokemon you defeat, the more XP your trainer receives and the more prestige points the gym will gain.

You can check our Gym Levels and Prestige page to find out more on how the prestige system works.


The Basics

To begin you must go to the gyms physical location, tap the gym and then the icon that looks like a boxing glove in the bottom right corner.


Unlike battling a rival gym where you take 6 Pokemon into combat, a battle at a friendly gym will allow you to choose one Pokemon.

Choose your Pokemon wisely, if you lose to the first defending Pokemon you will not receive anything

You will battle each Pokemon that has been left inside defending the gym in order of CP, working up from the lowest.

Battles work in the same way as when capturing a rival gym. Tap and swipe your way to victory using the techniques we explained in Pokemon Go Gym battle guide.

For every Pokemon you defeat, you will earn your gym prestige points, and your trainer will get XP. You will see a summary screen of XP and prestige earned when the battle ends.

When the prestige increases to the next level you can place one of your own Pokemon inside to defend if you have not done so already. Each level increase will create an additional defense slot so another friendly trainer will be able to put their own Pokemon straight inside further increasing your gym’s defense.


If you are placing a Pokemon inside to defend the gym be sure to remember that you will not get that Pokemon back until the gym has been taken over by a rival. Leaving a higher CP Pokemon inside will make it harder for rivals to take, but will also make your job harder taking rival gyms yourself without your most powerful Pokemon.

Will Pokemon take damage?

Your own Pokemon will take damage so you will need to heal after the battle. Note that your Pokemon will not faint like they do at rival gyms so you will only need Potions to heal back to full health.

Your teams Pokemon that are defending will automatically have their Hit Points restored after the battle ends, so they will be fully fit and ready to fight when a rival attempts to take it over.

Is there a limit on how many times I can train?

Not if you have potions. Heal up after each battle, or choose a different Pokemon that has enough health to earn at least one victory and you can battle as often as you like. Just re-enter the gym and engage in battle again!

Remember your Defender Bonus

Remember to claim your defender bonus every 21 hours for your FREE Pokecoins and Stardust