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How to Take Over Rival Gyms

To take over a gym you must be at least level 5.

For every Pokemon you defeat inside, you will gain more XP for your trainer and remove more prestige points from the enemy gym.

If you can spot a neutral (gray) gym you are in luck! Just head over to the gym and you can take it over. To do this just tap the gym, and then tap the icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.


Tap the bottom left icon and place your Pokemon inside


If the gym is owned by a rival team you are going to have to earn the right to claim the gym for your team!


The Basics

To claim the gym you will need to lower the rival prestige level down to 0. You do this by battling and defeating all rival Pokemon defending inside including the gym leader. The gym leader is marked by a crown and owns the highest CP Pokemon.

Gyms can have multiple Pokemon defending them. This number is dependent on the gyms prestige, the higher the level the more Pokemon that can be left to defend it, which in turn makes it harder to be taken over by other teams.

You take 6 Pokemon into battle with you, so even if your CP is lower than your rivals you may still stand a chance of being able to defeat them, especially if the gym you’re attacking is a relatively low level. Remember a low-level gym will only have a small amount of Pokemon defending it. This could mean you could use 6 Pokemon to take out 2 rivals.


Pokemon Go will automatically choose a team of 6 from your Pokemon collection that it thinks you be able to claim victory with, however, if you really want to increase your chances you can follow the tips below.

Tips and Tricks

Your first job is to check what level the rival gym is, how many Pokemon are defending it and what CP the defenders are.

You will fight the Pokemon inside in order of CP level, starting from the lowest. Each Pokemon you defeat will lower the gyms prestige level. So even if you only defeat one of the defending team, you will still be chipping away at their prestige and earning yourself 150 XP per win in the process!

CP is key to battle, so you should always be selecting your highest CP Pokemon to stand the best chances of defeating your rivals.

Put your Team in Battle Order Based On Your Opponents Pokemon

By checking the rival Pokemon type in advance you can secure a further boost to your chances of victory! If the Pokemon you are facing are mostly Grass Pokemon, you should choose Fire or Flying Pokemon. Although this is nowhere near as important as CP, this could help swing the battle in your favor if your CP is evenly matched to your opponents.

If the gym’s first two Pokemon are Grass and Fire then you can choose a Flying and Water type as your first two.

If I win the battle, will that gym be mine?


Not necessarily. Once you have defeated or lost a battle you will be shown a summary screen before being taken back out to the world map.

Each Pokemon that you defeat will lower the prestige of the rival gym, in the example above we defeated 3 Pokemon and reducing 3000 points from the rival gym prestige. When you reduce the prestige enough the gym will loose a level. At that point the lowest CP Pokemon defending that gym will be removed, this will continue until there are no defenders remaining. 

If it’s a high enough level you may have to fight it a few times, beating them over and over until the prestige level drops to zero.

When the prestige reaches 0 the gym will become neutral and you can place any one of your own Pokemon inside to defend by clicking the icon on the bottom left when interacting with a neutral gym.

Your first instinct may be to place your strongest Pokemon inside. Whilst this will make it harder for rivals to take over, it will also mean you will have a harder time defeating other gyms without the help of your most powerful monster. Be sure of your decision as you will not be able to use the Pokemon that you place inside again until the gym has been defeated by a rival team. At that point, your Pokemon will be kicked out and returned to you.


Pokemon Go Multiplayer

You don’t have to take down a rival alone! Have you noticed explosions and signs of a battle above a gym? This indicates the gym is under attack from another trainer. You can join them and work together to take down the tougher CP Pokemon inside! The other trainers Pokemon will show up opposite your own during battle and the number of trainers currently engaged in the battle will display beneath your Pokemon’s health. This allows you to not only take gyms faster, but also battle and defeat Pokemon much higher level than yourself. 



Now you know how to take over rival gyms, learn how to Train at Friendly Gyms to increase their prestige, earn yourself FREE Pokecoins and make it harder for rivals to take it from you!