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Gym Level and Prestige

When you click on a gym you will notice it has a level. These levels vary from 1-10. The level is decided by the amount of prestige points that have been earned.


Gym Level Pokemon Held Prestige Points Required
Level 1 1 0
Level 2 2 2,000
Level 3 3 4,000
Level 4 4 8,000
Level 5 5 12,000
Level 6 6 16,000
Level 7 7 20,000
Level 8 8 30,00
Level 9 9 40,000
Level 10 10 50,000


Prestige points are earned by training at friendly gyms A victory over a defending Pokemon will increase the prestige points, the more points earned the higher the gyms level will become.


The higher a gym’s level, the more Pokemon that can be left inside to defend it, with the level directly corresponding to the amount of Pokemon that can be left to defend it.

One of your jobs is to raise your prestige points, therefore increasing the gyms level so that other players on your team can help with the defense by adding their Pokemon to help defend the gym!


  • A level 3 gym, for example, can hold up to 3 defending Pokemon.
  • If you check a friendly gym that is level 3 but only has 2 Pokemon inside, you can add one of yours straight in and be on your way to claiming a defender bonus
  • A maximum of 10 Pokemon can defend a gym.
  • The higher the prestige, the harder it will be for rivals to take it over.


Prestige can also be taken away from a gym when rival teams battle and earn a victory. With each loss, the defending team’s prestige points will decrease, and removing an entire level will result in the defending teams weakest Pokemon being removed and returned back to their trainer.

If all prestige points are removed, the gym returns back to a neutral state until a Pokemon is placed inside to defend. The team that Pokemon belongs to then owns that gym!


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