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Choosing A Team

Team Instinct, Team Mystic or Team Valor? The three teams available to choose from in Pokemon Go. “Which Pokemon Go team should I pick?”

Once you hit level 5 you can tap on the nearest Gym regardless of color, and will be given the choice to join one of these 3 teams.

team select

Team Instinct (Yellow)

Team Mystic (Blue)

Team Valor (Red)

Each team is led by an assistant who is studying Pokemon in a slightly different way. The assistants will tell you a little about this before you choose, however their research should not affect your choice as it does not have any real impact in the game as is purely cosmetic.

  • Team Instinct are led by Spark, he is focused on a Pokemon’s ability to understand things instinctively as key to battle. You will never lose when you trust your instincts!
  • Team Mystic are most interested in the ultimate knowledge of Pokemon and their evolutionary forms. Their leader Blanche believes that with calm analysis of every situation they cannot lose.
  • The red team Valour is led by Candela who is researching ways to enhance a Pokemon’s natural power. She is in no doubt that the Pokemon team Valor train are strongest in battle!


The choice you make mainly comes down to choosing whether you want to ally or oppose your friends and their teams. If you are still not sure you could also decide based on

  • How popular they are in your area (they are often changing hands in more populated areas – not a big deal)
  • Better yet choose your team based on your favorite legendary Pokemon that the teams use as their mascot.
  • Don’t have a favorite legendary? Go by favorite type!

Team Instinct – Zapdos (Electric)

Team Mystic – Articuno (Ice)

Team Valor – Moltres (Fire)

Choosing a team is permanent and you cannot currently change so choose wisely!


You have chosen a team now what?


You are now ready to battle and start claiming your defender bonus to earn Stardust and FREE Pokecoins!


How do I change Team on Pokemon Go?


If you really cannot live with your team selection the only way to change team in Pokemon Go is to make a new account and start fresh.

You can do this by signing out using the options button at the top right, and log in with a new Gmail or Pokemon Trainer Club account.